「Kusatsu Onsen(草津温泉) and Yubatake(湯畑)」[in Kusatsu Town, Gunma Prefecture]


Good to see you!

Today, I would like to introduce Kusatsu Onsen and Yubatake in Kusatsu Town, Gunma Prefecture.



Do you know ”Kusatsu Onsen” and ”Yubatake”?


“Onsen” means hot spring.

Kusatsu Onsen is a hot spring located in the Kusatsu town area of Gunma Prefecture.

During the Muromachi period, it was considered ”one of the three famous hot springs” along with Arima Onsen and Gero Onsen.

It is the number one hot spring in Japan with a natural gush of more than 32,300 liters per minute.

The altitude is 1100 to 1200m, and there are hot spring towns and inns.

The hot water of Kusatsu Onsen is basically an acidic spring, which is effective for skin diseases, neuralgia, and diabetes.



Below is a map of the tourist spots we got.




Yubatake is a facility where the source of hot springs flows directly to the ground, where the minerals of hot springs are collected and the temperature of the hot springs is adjusted.

It also has the role of removing harmful concentrations of hydrogen sulfide.

Therefore, you can smell sulfur around Yubatake.

It is also a tourist attraction in Kusatsu Onsen.

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opening hoursAll the time
opening dayAll the time
contact information・Kusatsu Onsen Tourism Association
nearest accommodationKusatsu Onsen Hotels and Ryokan Reservations
(Rakuten Travel)






Here you can wash your hands in the hot springs.


We can’t drink it, so please be careful.


Here, you can experience “Yumomi”, mixing hot water on a special board.

Please note that the opening hours are Sunday and Monday from 11:30 to 13:00.


You can take pictures with your face out.




②Food(around Yubatake)

There are many restaurants around ”Yubatake”.


“SORAN(空嵐)” is a Western-style restaurant where you can drink alcohol.

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We ate “Shrimp Miso Cream Pasta” and “Green Curry”.


By the way, at the shop next to “SORAN”, you can experience nostalgic games such as “shooting” and “smart ball”.



You can stay overnight at the footbath cafe ”Yubatake Soan”, but we recommend the footbath cafe.

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A footbath cafe is a coffee shop where you can enjoy while soaking only your feet in the hot spring.

Warm feet and cold mouth!

The ceiling was beautifully decorated with colorful umbrellas.



There is “Shizuka(静)”, which was ranked high in the ranking of yakitori, and I ate delicious yakitori.

Yakitori is a popular food in Japan that consists of grilled chicken skewers.

It’s popular, so be prepared to wait in line for a while.

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③Ryokan ”Eidaya”(永田屋)

The ryokan we stayed in Kusatsu this time was ”Eidaya”, a 10-minute walk from Yubatake.

In addition, our accommodation plan this time was 24228 yen per night (with breakfast) for 2 people, which was quite affordable.

※Kusatsu is a popular tourist destination, so make sure to book your accommodation early.

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Also, if you use the “trivago” link below, you can automatically make a reservation from the cheapest reservation site.

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check in15:00 ~ 22:00
check out~ 10:00
closing dayopen all year round
Tuesday(only Cafeteria)
parkinga lot(more than the number of rooms)



The first feature of “Eidaya” is a “nostalgic game”.

In the room, there was a “Super Famicom” popular in the 1990s, and I was able to enjoy the game.

Also, there are many nostalgic games that you can play for free on the first floor.


The second feature is a private hot spring where you can enjoy four types of hot springs.

There are 4 rooms, and you can enjoy it without reservation.

The temperature of each hot spring is indicated on the board.

After entering the hot spring, you can always drink water and coffee for free.


You can have breakfast the next day at the dining room (茜家食堂).

The breakfast was healthy Japanese food that Japanese people often eat, and it was delicious.


At the time of check-out, I received a free coupon for take-out coffee that can be used at a nearby cafe, and it was delicious!

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④Surrounding scenery

There is a manhole only in Kusatsu.


There is a five-storied pagoda near Yubatake.

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There was a Ghibli specialty store, ”Donguri Republic(どんぐり共和国)”.

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There was also a specialty store of “Rilakkuma”.

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There is a Roadside Station “Kusatsu” where you can buy food and souvenirs.

A free tourist map is also available.

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【Route, etc.】

It takes about 5 hours by train and bus from Narita Airport to Kusatsu Onsen.


For details, please search the site “Japan Transit Planner” at the link below.

You can freely choose the vehicle, price, travel time, etc.

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“JR Bus Kanto”

“JR Bus Kanto” is a bus operated by JR.

And it is a bus that can go to areas where railways do not pass, such as “Kusatsu Onsen”.





How was it?

If you are interested in Foods and buildings, please enjoy the niche way of enjoying at “Kusatsu Onsen”!