「Suisha Kisoba(水車生そば)」 and Shogi(Japanese chess)[in Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture.]


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Today, I would like to “Suisha Kisoba(水車生そば)” and “Shogi(Japanese chess)” in Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture.

“Suisha Kisoba”…?😨


Do you know ”Shogi(Japanese chess)” ?


Shogi is a traditional Japanese board game, and it’s a strategic board game similar to chess.

Shogi is played by two players, and the objective is to checkmate the opponent’s king.

Shogi is typically played on a Shogi board with a 9×9 grid.

Each player has 16 pieces and aims to checkmate the opponent’s king using these pieces.

Shogi is a highly popular game in Japan, and there are international Shogi tournaments as well.

It is a part of Japanese culture and tradition, and it’s a fun game that helps develop strategic thinking and planning skills.


Tendo City is the most famous place in Japan for producing “shogi pieces”.





①”Shogi(Japanese chess)”

In Tendo City, you can enjoy scenery related to shogi.



There is a Shogi Museum at Tendo Station.

Adults can enter for about 400 yen, so please take a look.

At the Shogi Museum, you can learn about the techniques of making shogi pieces, the history of shogi, why Tendo City became famous for its shogi pieces, and the history of title matches in shogi.

Tendo Shogi pieces were designated as a national traditional craft in 1996.

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location1-1-1 Honmachi, Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture
(Tendo Station)
opening hours9:00-18:00
opening dayThird Monday, New Year holidays
priceAdult 320 yen
contact informationPhone:023-653-1690


Also, while walking on the road, you will come across places like the one shown below.


Furthermore, as you walk down the street, you will come across “Tsume Shogi”.

Tsume Shogi is a game where you try to clog your opponent’s king.

(However, I couldn’t solve all three on the spot.)


There was a shop right next to “Suisha Kisoba(水車生そば)” that made shogi pieces.

Shogi pieces range in price from a few hundred yen to tens of thousands of yen.

Please take a look and see what the difference is.



②Suisha Kisoba(水車生そば)

If you go straight for about 700 meters from the east exit of Tendo Station,
“Suisha Kisoba(水車生そば)” will be on your left.

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The landmark is the water wheel.

“Suisha Kisoba” is a very famous and historic soba restaurant that attracts tourists from all over the country.

Therefore, there is also a very large parking lot at the back entrance.


Outside the store is a stone mill that was used to make buckwheat flour during the Edo period.


At “Suisha Kisoba”, “Ita Soba” and “Tori Chuka” are popular.

  • Ita Soba:You can enjoy Japanese soba noodles made from 100% buckwheat flour.
          (Hard noodles are proof of 100% soba flour.)
  • ”Tori Chuka”:You can enjoy ramen with chicken soup stock.
            Recommended for ramen lovers.


At this time, I ordered “Shogi Zaru Soba” (980 yen).

Soba noodles are served in a container shaped like a shogi piece.

Soba is delicious. Personally, I love hard noodles.


“Soba-yu” is provided after the meal.

“Soba-yu” is the hot water used to boil soba noodles, and is the hot water in which the aroma and flavor of the soba is leached out.

I poured some soba water into the richly flavored “soba soup” and drank it all.


The menu table is as shown below.


By the way, you can also buy souvenir noodles at the store to take home.




In fact, there are many hotels right across the street from “Suisha Kisoba”.


The mark on the map below means a hotel.

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【Route, etc.】

It takes about 5 hours by train from Narita Airport to Tendo Station.


For details, please search the site “Japan Transit Planner” at the link below.

You can freely choose the vehicle, price, travel time, etc.

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How was it?

If you are interested in Soba and Shogi, please enjoy the niche way of enjoying at “Tendo City”!